David emigrated from England as a boy, and, after university, family, and career,  found time to paint.  He soon discovered that art is a powerful medium for sharing with others his love of wilderness. David paints primarily landscapes in acrylics and oils, although he also does portrait, abstract, wildlife and boat portraits. He spends the winter painting in his northern Ontario studio, while the rest of the year finds him sailing his beloved old schooner, or canoeing, hiking and camping, gathering images for future paintings. (Yes, it is a hard life!)  These  activities bring David into intimate contact with those special places that he shares with us through his art.  His love of wilderness manifests itself in the mood and atmosphere to be found in his paintings.
In his landscapes, David strives for a rather loose, somewhat impressionistic style, always leaving something to the viewers imagination.  As he puts it: “I do not try to capture the scene exactly. That is what cameras are for.   I feel the observer has an important role to play in each piece.  If I say everything with my brush, there will be nothing left for the viewer to do!   
My work is an emotional response to nature.  If this evokes a reaction in the viewer, then I consider the painting a success.”

“ One who has paddled the wild places, on finally reaching heaven, will surely be just 
a little disappointed.”    (anon) Galleries/Shows/Workshops Contact Home